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What is going on at the moment - do come along?


Sundays 10.45am                     1st Sunday Morning Worship
2nd & 4th Sundays Holy Communion 
3rd Sunday 8.00am Holy Communion 
                   10.45am All Age Communion

Fridays 9.05am – 9.25am Friday Morning Prayer in St Andrew’s Church

and other activities

Sunday 6th September Focus on Christians against Poverty (CAP)
We are fortunate that Robin Stamp from the excellent debt relief and prevention organization is able to come and speak at the St. Andrew’s 10.45am service at the beginning of September. This will be a joint service with members of the Congregational Church and other Christians from the area.
Be prepared for a slightly different and very inspiring service.

Summer Allsorts - 25th & 26th August 10.30am - 3pm.
Thank you to all those who supported this as leaders and helpers. A great time was had by all!

St. Andrew’s Reordering Scheme

Last week we received news that the Chancellor of the Diocese is to grant an interim licence to donate the first eleven rows of box pews to the Beamish Museum by the end of October.
I have written something about the story leading up to this in the September Magazine, but there are some advance copies available today.
The Steering Group and PCC are meeting soon to decide on the next steps of the project to include:
• Deciding on what chairs to buy
• Arranging for temporary chairs while we await delivery of new ones
• Applying for a Faculty for the first major phase of the rest of our scheme such as a disabled-friendly entrance, upstairs toilet, extended chancel, remodelled south bays and so on.
• Forming a budget and fund-raising plan.
This week a further encouragement has been an unexpected gift of £5,000 from a well-wisher in our group of Churches.
Meanwhile do keep inviting people to come to Church to enjoy the pews while they are still here, and to see the new seating when it arrives – any excuse to give people a chance to know Jesus and be drawn into the life of the Church!

Raddington Festival of Music – 12th and 13th September
A big fund raiser for Church repairs. Please see posters or parish magazines for more details or tickets can be purchased from www.ticketsource.co.uk/raddingtonfestivalofmusic or Penny 01984 248254. Tickets are selling fast and some performances have only a few left.

Thirsty - Tuesday 1st September
Join us on the first Tuesday of each month for a chat about life, work children, what’s on the box, and Christianity. We meet at The Bear, 8pm. All welcome.

Julian Meeting – Monday 7th September

At 10.00am, Cridlands Barn, Brompton Ralph. All Welcome for Silent Prayer and Fellowship

Family Retreat Day with Andy Levett in Watchet, 26th September.
A great opportunity to spend time together in a different setting. We’ll start and finish at The Sanctuary, and spend time in and around Watchet, and on the beach for various activities.

New Bishop of Taunton
Archdeacon Ruth Worsley
In case you missed this announcement back in June/July, here is some detail from the Diocesan Website.
The Bishop of Taunton’s role is that of a Suffragan Bishop. Ruth’s role will be to support the Bishop of Bath and Wells, who is the Diocesan Bishop, much akin to a deputy. Ruth will become the 13th Bishop of Taunton
Some key facts about Ruth:
• Aged 53. Ruth was born in Hampton, Middlesex in 1962 and grew up under the flight path of Heathrow airport in Ashford and Staines.
• Attended the University of Manchester and St John’s College, Nottingham.
• Ordained in 1996. Currently Archdeacon of Wiltshire since 2013.
• Married to Howard, Vice-Principal at Trinity College, Bristol.
They have three adult sons.
Ruth also has links with the Lee Abbey movement.

Gift Aid

Most people are aware of the way in which Gift Aid enhances the value of what we give to God’s work through the Church. There are two main ways of taking advantage of this:
1. Standing Order
An increasing number of regular worshippers give by Standing Order. You can set it up and cancel it at any time, if you do online banking, by asking the treasurer for your Church’s Bank details. Or just ask the treasurer for a form. It means you can give even when you can’t get to the service.
(Those who let the bag pass by have usually already given by this means!)
2. Cash Collections
We can claim back the tax (increases your gift by 25%) on cash collections provided you put the cash in one of the yellow envelopes and write your name and post code on the envelope. Do take a bundle home so you can prepare in advance.
Please consider giving by Gift Aid if you are not already in the habit of doing so. Just make sure you have paid enough tax to the Government to cover it.
E.g If you give £1,000 in a year, you will need to have paid at least £250 in tax through Income Tax or tax on any savings you may have.

Martin Cavender: Message from Alison Morgan at ReSource
“It is with deep sadness that I write to let you know that Martin’s journey on earth ended last Friday 31st July; he died in hospital, peacefully and full of faith, surrounded by his family.
The last few months have been an extraordinary time, as Martin and Cesca have allowed us the privilege of sharing with them in this final stage of Martin’s life; here in Wells we have been, as I know have many of you, deeply touched and inspired by their faith and courage – it has been in many ways more like watching a birth than witnessing a death, as Martin has entered more and more fully and joyfully into the inheritance which is his in Christ. He has given so much to so many both personally and professionally, and we are left with a profound thankfulness for his life and work. Personally I cannot put into words what I owe him.
Many of you have written to pay tribute to Martin, and we are grateful for that; all your messages have been passed on, and we will continue to pass them on to Cesca and the family. Please forgive us if we do not acknowledge every message individually – Martin being Martin, there are so many coming in that we aren’t able to do that. But please know that everything is appreciated.
Martin will be buried in his home town of Axbridge next Thursday, with a service for family and friends at 2pm in the local church. A full memorial service giving thanks for Martin’s life is to be held in Wells Cathedral, and we very much hope that you will be able to join us for that; we will let you know the date as soon as we have it. In the meantime we continue to pray for Cesca and the family, and for all those to whom Martin meant so much”

St Andrews Fete.
Thank you to all those who have worked hard both before and during the event. Particular thanks to Bill and Sherry Rayson, and Gloria Filbee who have enabled it to happen!
We are delighted to announce that over £2,000 has been raised!

Zambia Link
The PCC have been encouraged that, following the appointment of Fr Richard Mubanga as priest at the parish of Musonda Falls in Zambia, our historic link has been re-awakened. Both Graham Owen and Sue Green visited them in the previous decade.
When our Diocesan world mission advisor, Jenny Humphreys, went out to Zambia earlier this year, Alison Vercoe prepared and sent her to take on our behalf a special book of photos, news and prayers. It was very well received and a copy of the book is in Church for us all to look at.

New St. Andrew’s Song Supplement
We are in the process of updating this. If there is anything you think it would be good to include, please tell David or Lorna.

St. Andrew’s Directory
The 2015 Church Membership directory with Yellow cover is now available for all members that would like a copy.

Confirmation Service
There is an opportunity to be Confirmed in Milverton Church on Wednesday 7th October at 7.00pm. If you are interested in being confirmed, or know someone who is, please get in touch with David.

Family Retreat Day with Andy Levett in Watchet, 26th September.
A great opportunity to spend time together in a different setting. We’ll start and finish at The Sanctuary, and spend time in and around Watchet, and on the beach for various activities.

Homegroups – The Future
Whats the buzz? Tell me what’s a-happening
Following on from the buzz of the lent groups the 7 groups are continuing, some this week, for more information on these groups please see the magazine.

Manna is the quarterly magazine from the diocese, which aims to encourage confident Christian communities in Bath and Wells. It is inspiring, informing and challenging, giving the Christian perspective on issues affecting our lives today. It is relevant and very much ‘rooted’ in Somerset. Manna magazines can be found at the back of the Church, please feel free to take a copy.

Monthly Service Booklet
The Pink Services booklet up until August 2015 is now available in the Churches. Please take a copy for the advanced services details and dates.

Let’s try….
Our congregation at St Andrews is growing, and it’s wonderful to have more families joining us. We’d like to try a few different things particularly around how we ‘seat' and engage children to see if there any alternatives which suit us all better, and ideas and feedback are welcome. Please bear with us as not everything may go according to plan, but we want all ages to be able to enjoy worshipping here.

Family and Children’s Ministry
As of this month there is a significant change in our Family and Children’s ministry.
At the end of 2014, Alison Vercoe stepped down from her leadership of our Family Service and Youth and Children’s team. She has done a fantastic job over the past 16 years first as Deanery Youth Worker and then within St. Andrew’s Church and we are immensely grateful to her for her skills, energy and commitment. She has faithfully led Sunday Allsorts, started Messy Church and helped to develop our Family Services.
Responding to this, and to the growing needs of the Church, the PCC have agreed to recognize and create two new voluntary roles in this area of the Church’s ministry:
Judith Swan will take up the role of Family Ministry Leader and Rachel Pearson will be Children’s Ministry Assistant. Recognizing these roles will strengthen this vital area of our Church life, enabling them to take initiatives and encouraging others to get involved and support them.
We shall be praying for them specifically on 11th January (The Baptism of Christ) as part of a corporate act of commissioning of the whole congregation as a baptized and missionary people.

Discuss & Donuts – Every Thursday - Lunchtimes
Lunchtime Club @ Kingsmead School, Open to all students (year7-11) Discuss stuff that matters at the base, free donuts* For more information please speak to Keith Brindle or Andy Levett

Puppet Ministry
We now have the use of 4 puppets and a script book for ministry! Puppets are a fun way of communicating God’s word, using storytelling in a similar way to Jesus. There are several ways you can be involved, you could be involved in puppeteering, directing/coordinating, organising props and some making of costumes. We are thinking of having a first attempt at parents and tiddlers on 20th May, but they will be useful for Messy Church, All age worship, Special services and across the benefice. Two of the puppets have already played Abraham and Sarah as part of Open the Book at the primary school. If you are interested in helping then or any other time please speak to Liz Kilbride or Judith Swan.

Pitt Stop
At St Luke’s Church for a new Generation, 2nd Sunday of the month at 6pm. For Teenagers, By Teenagers, With Teenagers. Children and Adults welcome. For more information please contact John john@choice2.net or Kate Benson or Peter Pearson.

Benefice Weekend – Thank you and Recorded Talks
1. Thank you to everyone for your part in the weekend earlier this month
I came up with the phrase beforehand that this was to be an event which ‘we all make happen together’.
As it came to an end I reflected that this was exactly what did happen.
Thank you especially to those who played a major part in working with the young people, running a workshop, social event or one of the meals or drink sessions.
And also to all of you who supported by your presence, prayers, money and enthusiasm.
2. Copies of the talks by Martin and Cesca Cavender can be made available to anyone who downloads the free online storage facility ‘Dropbox’ onto your Computer.
I can then invite you to share the folder ‘W&H Talks’ so that you can listen again or catch up with what you missed. David

Alternatively they are available via the facebook page! (webmaster)

St. Andrew’s Re-ordering Scheme
Any reordering scheme is a long process, but steady progress is being made. Since our last exhibition in April 2012 the Steering Group and PCC have spent much time developing and evolving our plans.
The latest version now has the full support of the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) – a significant milestone. However, before we move to the next exciting stage (a formal planning application) we want to present our latest plans to as many people as possible and want to hear everybody’s views about how we change the layout of our church to ensure that it delivers what we need today and for the future. We are therefore holding a further exhibition on Friday 21st February at 6pm in St Andrew’s when our architect Mark Richmond will be presenting our latest plans. Watch this space. The Steering Group

Sunday Allsorts

For Primary aged children to join them Allsorts During the 10.45 service This term the theme is journeys. If you would like more information on Allsorts then take a look at the magazine or speak to a Churchward at any service in St Andrew's.

Parents and Tiddlers
Every Tuesday during term time.
at 10.30am in St Andrews Crypt. This group is for preschool
babies and children and whoever wants to bring them. Songs are sung, bible stories are read, a prayer is said and ends with toys and refreshments’. Everyone is welcome. Speak to Judith on 629030

Events of Interest
There are various leaflet at the back of St.Andrew’s (open 9.00-5.00pm each day). Currently they include Music at Wells Cathedral, a day of Church singing in Taunton.

‘The Filling Station’ in Wiveliscombe

Wiveliscombe Primary School ……and every 4th Tuesday of the month . This Christmas season sees the launch of a monthly celebration of our Christian Faith, we call “The Filling Station in Wiveliscombe”. Come and meet up with a bunch of us, members of the wider family of Christians who live in our rural community. Our objective is to provide a hospitable setting where we can share fellowship over great coffee & cakes, with accomplished guest speakers, and contemporary worship leaders, similar to a Spring Harvest, Greenbelt, or New Wine session. It is not a “New Church”, just like Christmas dinner is not a “New Meal”, but once a month we aim to get together and enjoy a Feast, hoping that the friendships and the fellowship will invigorate our daily and weekly walks with God. A new informal way of expressing the Christian faith. There are “Filling Stations” around the country – for more information on the Filling station movement go to http://www.thefillingstation.org.uk/ or email John Osborne, john@choice2.net

Open the Book
In the October magazine, I have written about a national initiative called ‘Open the Book’. This organization has grown fast from small beginnings and has the declared aim:
‘Enabling every child to hear the story of the Bible at school in their primary years’
The stories are well designed and easy to deliver in a 10 minute school collective worship assembly and we are looking to gather a team of all ages who could regularly be involved in bringing this to Wiveliscombe Primary School at 10.00am on some Monday mornings during term time.
Please speak to David or Judith if you are interested in taking part.

Share the Load
A way of supporting those who could do with a little extra help : the church (i.e. people) of St Andrew's providing evening meals for a short period of time, and of course calling by to drop the meal off, which sometimes will be just as valued. For instance you / they may recently have had a baby, had a spell in hospital, or been recently bereaved. If you know of anyone who would appreciate this at any time there are forms at the back of the church to nominate them.
If you feel you could support this by occasionally cooking for those nominated please speak to Judith Swan.

Join us on the first Tuesday of each month for a chat about life, work children, what’s on the box, and Christianity. We meet at The Bear, 8pm. All welcome.