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The early history of St. Peter's is obscure [as is often the case when a Church dates back to Norman times and perhaps before]. The first mention of a Chaplain was in 1187 and in 1226, there is a Church building. Thomas de Huish Champflower was the Patron [with responsibility for providing a Priest for the Church until 1297]. However, it appears that nothing of the Norman building has survived since the main body of the present Church dates from the early C15, which places it in the English Gothic category, otherwise known as Perpendicular. So, the Church was probably built around the time of the wars of the Roses.

However, the great East window [which measures 18 feet x 20 feet] has in its intrinsic traceries, something of the exuberance of the preceding decorated style. There is an unauthenticated tradition that it and its incorporated stained glass was brought from the dissolved Priory of Barlynch in the C16.

The main panels show a Tree of Jesus which traces the direct descent of Christ's family from Jesse, the father of David. In an age when most people were illiterate, illustrations such as these, executed by craftsmen of amazing skill, were a prime means through which they could learn the basic stories of the Christian canon. Stained galls [particularly that of the medieval period] needs conservation treatment every 100 years - this window is now long overdue!

Founders and Dates of the Huish Bells

Treble: Mears & Stainbank, London - 1923
Second: Thomas Bilbie, Collumpton - 1790
Third: W Pannell, Collumpton - 1826
Fourth: Robert Norton, Exeter - c 1450
Fifth: Thos Bayley, Bridgwater - 1763
Tenor: Thos Bayley, Bridgwater - 1763

Huish Champflower Incumbents

1318 - Henzicos
1335 - Joh de Cotes
26 Dec 1401 - John Biugh
1 Jan 1421 - Tho Paye
20 Apr 1461 - Simon White
30 Sep 1501 - John Reynold
then - John Cornish
24 Dec 1523 - John Stephyns AM
1 Feb - John Tyler
30 Jan 1560 - Justinian Laucaster
- John Tiller 7 Jul 1561 - Ric Hill
25 Jan 1577 - Roger Gorton
16 Jul 1622 - John Atheron
13 Feb 1636 - Will Sterley STB
22 Apr 1637 - Heu Galpice AM
2 Dec 1663 - Tho. Jeanes AM
27 Jan 1686 - Will Nichols
31 Oct 1701 - Will Lock AB
14 Sep 1803 - Sam Taylour AM
29 Oct 1776 - Rbt. Burnett Patch
5 Jun 1780 - Jo Mitchell
5 Feb 1802 - Edival Willes
25 Feb 1815 - George Trevel

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